Annual Market For Solar + Storage Forecast To Be $1 Billion In 2018

Solar power has been growing fast in many countries, not the least of which is the United States. Actually, the US is expected to come in third, only behind China & Japan, in terms of new solar power installations in 2014.



XPRIZE Coming To India

XPRIZE is, according to XPRIZE, the global leader in “incentivized prize competition.” Its board of trustees includes Elon Musk of Tesla Motors, SpaceX, and PayPal; Larry Page of Google; famed director James Cameron (think: Titanic and Avatar); Arianna Huffington; Ali Velshi; Wendy Schmidt; and Anousheh Ansari. The good news is that this massive prize competition is aimed at improving the world.



This Is Why IKEA Is So Special

IKEA has enough great renewable energy and cleantech news that there’s something exciting and green from the company to write about approximately once a month. It’s a standout leader in the corporate world. But something that “crossed my desk” this morning put IKEA up a notch.



Solar + Storage Gets Even More Innovative In Australia

One of the hottest cleantech stories from the past couple of years has been how much low-cost solar and low-cost storage are going to change the electricity market… and even the broader energy market. But a new innovation by a company in Australia is pushing the transition in yet another way.



Dec 2014

Largest Wind Farm in Central America Gets Financing

The largest wind farm planned for Central America, a 215-megawatt wind farm consisting of 86 wind turbines has just received financing from the International Finance Corporation (IFC), a member of the World Bank Group.

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Do we really care?

Our Planet is not doing very well. Desertification, devastating storms, droughts, flooding, loss in biodiversity and many more increasingly worrying environmental / climate change related threats. Why are we not changing this? Do we have the power, the strength to change? Do we care?




Does the global Sustainable Energy Transition pace need to accelerate? If yes, how should we acceler

While current energy outlooks to 2030 and beyond retain a dominant role for fossil fuels in the world’s energy mix, simple mathematics indicate that at the current pace of renewable energy investment (~0.3% of global GDP) the energy available to humans at the end of the century will be a small fraction of the current..




Carbon Capture and Storage as Part of our Future Energy System

Energy outlooks to 2030 and beyond indicate growing global energy demand and a continued dominant role for fossil fuels in the world’s energy mix, even as utilization of renewable energy sources expands rapidly…




How to Sustain Renewable Energy

Renewable energy is entering a period of uncertainty that mirrors the increasing uncertainty about oil prices.  Will increased demand from China and revitalized Western economies maintain oil prices at current levels in the face of increased supply from fracking and possibly from Iran?  If so, government support for renewable energy should remain strong.  If oil prices fall, however, then as in the 1980s many governments may cut their investments in new energy technologies so that alternative energy sources are unavailable when oil prices rise again.  What can we do now to ensure continuing support for renewable energy initiatives in the face of possible short term economic and political pressures?