This Renewable Energy Giant Is Into Everything

Enel Green Power, a renewable energy subsidiary of Italian energy company Enel, is one of 4 finalists in the “Large Corporation” category of the 2015 Zayed Future Energy Prize. I’d say that it is the least well known of the finalists, but it has definitely earned its spot in the finals.



Lighting Up Homes With Plastic Bottles, Water, & Bleach

I’ve covered cleantech solutions for several years. I’ve covered tens of thousands of stories. One of the stories that garnered the most enthusiasm and sharing was about one of the simplest solutions. The idea has been implemented in several places by a few organizations, but I think Liter of Light has taken it further than any other.



M-KOPA—Bringing Solar To Millions Via Pay-As-You-Go Mobile Payments

M-KOPA is just 3 years old but already has 300 staff members and $5 million in annual revenues. It is based in Kenya but leads the world in the highly successful pay-as-you-go model for the sale of clean energy to off-grid customers.



EcoNation—Lighting Innovator of the Century?

Covering the cleantech industries for years, there are many companies and technologies that I think are exciting solutions to our global warming and pollution crises. However, these days, not many new ones pop onto my radar and make me really sit up in my seat. EcoNation is one of those companies.



Oct 2014

Building Efficiency Initiative Launched by World Resources Institute & Johnson Controls

The World Resources Institute (WRI), a 2015 Zayed Future Energy Prize finalist, and multinational corporation Johnson Controls this month announced a new “Building Efficiency Initiative.” The initiative is to help advance energy efficiency action in cities.

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Do we really care?

Our Planet is not doing very well. Desertification, devastating storms, droughts, flooding, loss in biodiversity and many more increasingly worrying environmental / climate change related threats. Why are we not changing this? Do we have the power, the strength to change? Do we care?




Does the global Sustainable Energy Transition pace need to accelerate? If yes, how should we acceler

While current energy outlooks to 2030 and beyond retain a dominant role for fossil fuels in the world’s energy mix, simple mathematics indicate that at the current pace of renewable energy investment (~0.3% of global GDP) the energy available to humans at the end of the century will be a small fraction of the current..




Carbon Capture and Storage as Part of our Future Energy System

Energy outlooks to 2030 and beyond indicate growing global energy demand and a continued dominant role for fossil fuels in the world’s energy mix, even as utilization of renewable energy sources expands rapidly…




How to Sustain Renewable Energy

Renewable energy is entering a period of uncertainty that mirrors the increasing uncertainty about oil prices.  Will increased demand from China and revitalized Western economies maintain oil prices at current levels in the face of increased supply from fracking and possibly from Iran?  If so, government support for renewable energy should remain strong.  If oil prices fall, however, then as in the 1980s many governments may cut their investments in new energy technologies so that alternative energy sources are unavailable when oil prices rise again.  What can we do now to ensure continuing support for renewable energy initiatives in the face of possible short term economic and political pressures?