Video: Nissan LEAF Prank In South Africa Is Hilarious

There's still a lot of public education that needs to be done in order to make people aware of electric cars... and their many benefits.



The Most “Futuristic” Car I’ve Seen In Awhile

A Tata Motors electric concept car I recently ran across is one of the most "futuristic" cars I've seen this year. The Tata ConnectNext EV Concept, as you can see, is very inviting thanks to its extensive use of glass. Additionally, the seats sort of hover above the ground. The car, of course, is an electric car, or to be more precise, a plug-in hybrid electric.



The Biggest Attractions of Electric Cars Are Not Environmental

The widespread belief is that people who buy electric cars do so in order to protect the planet. That is an important factor for many buyers, but many buyers don't actually care about that, or it's not the driving factor that inspired them to buy an electric car (sorry for the bad pun).



Not Many People See the Future Coming

We see a lot of high-flying ideas about futuristic technology. Maybe we see too much, because most of us have a very hard time realizing when a transformative technology is really going to overtake a dated on. Closely following the solar, wind, and energy storage industries for the past several years, I'm convinced that these technologies are going to quickly replace fossil fuels and nuclear energy. However...



Sep 2014

Clever Marketing Campaign Launched For Smart Electric Drive

I think the #1 challenge to an electric vehicle revolution is now simply awareness. Electric vehicles are better and often cheaper, but most people probably can't name a single electric car. A new campaign from Smart does an excellent job getting the word out about its Smart Electric Drive, at least in San Francisco.

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Do we really care?

Our Planet is not doing very well. Desertification, devastating storms, droughts, flooding, loss in biodiversity and many more increasingly worrying environmental / climate change related threats. Why are we not changing this? Do we have the power, the strength to change? Do we care?




Does the global Sustainable Energy Transition pace need to accelerate? If yes, how should we acceler

While current energy outlooks to 2030 and beyond retain a dominant role for fossil fuels in the world’s energy mix, simple mathematics indicate that at the current pace of renewable energy investment (~0.3% of global GDP) the energy available to humans at the end of the century will be a small fraction of the current..




Carbon Capture and Storage as Part of our Future Energy System

Energy outlooks to 2030 and beyond indicate growing global energy demand and a continued dominant role for fossil fuels in the world’s energy mix, even as utilization of renewable energy sources expands rapidly…




How to Sustain Renewable Energy

Renewable energy is entering a period of uncertainty that mirrors the increasing uncertainty about oil prices.  Will increased demand from China and revitalized Western economies maintain oil prices at current levels in the face of increased supply from fracking and possibly from Iran?  If so, government support for renewable energy should remain strong.  If oil prices fall, however, then as in the 1980s many governments may cut their investments in new energy technologies so that alternative energy sources are unavailable when oil prices rise again.  What can we do now to ensure continuing support for renewable energy initiatives in the face of possible short term economic and political pressures?