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Aug 2014

4 More Benefits of Electric Cars

08 August 2014 | Posted by Zachary

BYD e6

Following up on four big electric car benefits I discussed yesterday, here are four more electric car benefits.

1) You can power your car with sunshine

An electric car drives on whatever energy source you use to create electricity. If you have solar panels on your roof and charge your car up during the day while they are producing electricity, then you are essentially driving on sunshine. That’s just cool.

I have heard from people who said they bought solar panels specifically because they had an electric car. I've also heard from people who got an electric car because they had solar panels. I know of one person who actually didn’t use enough electricity to justify rooftop solar panels, but then got an electric car and was able to save a ton of money by going solar as well.

2) You can forget about oil price spikes

I read recently that 10 out of the 11 most recent economic recessions in the United States directly followed oil price spikes. Correlation isn’t the same as causation, but that’s some pretty strong correlation, and it’s not too surprising. When people have to pay more to drive, something most people in the United States and many other countries do almost every day, they have less money to spend on other things. When they have less money to spend on other things, that hurts countless businesses and the economy as a whole.

With an electric car, your transportation isn’t tied to unexpected fluctuations in the price of your car’s fuel. Aside from the long-term savings discussed yesterday, that helps to provide peace of mind.

3) You can say goodbye to trips to the mechanic

As I stated yesterday, electric cars don’t need all of the tubes and belts that gasoline-powered cars need. Actually, electric cars have almost no moving parts. This means that there’s much less likelihood something is going to break and you’re going to have to visit the mechanic. As electric car lovers often joke, the first things you’ll need to replace are the tires and the windshield wipers.

Furthermore, without any emissions, electric car owners who live in places that require “smog checks” or other emissions checks won’t have to go in for those.

4) You can “refuel” while sitting on your couch

Fewer trips to the mechanic certainly makes electric cars more convenient, but not having to go to the gas station (a weekly or bi-weekly occurrence for many drivers) is the real convenience booster. Imagine all the hours saved by not having to find a gas station, pull in, refuel, perhaps go inside and pay, etc. Imagine how much nicer it would be to just plug in when you get home and then go inside and chill out on your couch as your car “refuels” (that is, recharges).

I think this last point might be the #1 factor that drives people to switch from a gasoline car to an electric car (no pun intended). Convenience is what has driven the adoption of many disruptive technologies, and this is a big convenience booster.

Image Credit: BYD

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