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Aug 2014

This Solar & Wind Power Company is on 4 Continents

15 August 2014 | Posted by Zachary

There are several solar power companies and several wind power companies that are doing business on multiple continents, but can you name any companies solely focused on developing solar power and wind power that are succeeding on 4 continents? I can only think of one. I’ll give you some time to think about it as you look at this map of the company’s projects:

mainstream renewable energy.png

The company is Mainstream Renewable Power, a 2013 Zayed Future Energy Prize (ZFEP) finalist. From the company’s website: “Since Mainstream was established in 2008, the company has entered markets through greenfield developments, joint ventures with local companies and through direct project acquisition. This is how we have quickly built-up our portfolio of 19,000 MW’s, with over 50 live projects on four continents.”

If you can’t tell from the map, the countries in which Mainstream Renewable Power already has projects include: Canada, Chile, England, Germany, Ireland, Scotland, South Africa, and the United States.

Mainstream couldn’t make so much progress on its own in such a short time. As with all successful companies, it has many partners. However, the thing that stands out to me about this company is how diverse its partner network is. It partners with utilities, developers, “energy intensive users” (e.g., IKEA), government and regulatory bodies, landowners, investors, and other renewable energy companies.

The other great thing about this company is that it was created specifically in order to advance renewable energy and help the world transition to a clean energy future. With great ambition, the company apparently wasn’t satisfied to only advance one form of renewable energy. Choosing to get involved in growth of solar and wind power, Mainstream Renewable Power is able to tailor a project to the resources and needs of a client or location. It is also able to help sell a complementary solar project to a wind project buyer or vice versa, further advancing the renewable energy revolution. Hybrid solar/wind power plants are more efficient anyway!

For more and worth a share, I love Mainstream Renewable Power’s vision and mission:

“Mainstream is driven by a clear vision; we see a world where communities are thriving beyond using fossil fuels and our mission is to lead that global transition to renewable energy.

“We see a world with an abundance of electricity produced sustainably and delivered to the end consumer cost effectively. This electricity will power cars, fridges, televisions, IT communications and so on. Except, we are not polluting the world, because it’s all powered by renewable energy. There’s no conflict over oil and gas. There are no black-outs. There’s no fear of rising prices. There’s no threat of running out.

“And so, we are a group of people driven by a unique mission; to lead the global transition to renewable energy. That’s why we have such a sense of passion about what we do. This transition from fossil fuels to sustainable sources of energy is not easy and that is why without passion we wouldn’t get really serious innovation and have serious engagement with politicians and regulators to help bring this about.

“Mainstream is dedicated to renewable energy and as an independent developer we can aggressively strive to achieve our vision.”

Image Credit: Mainstream Renewable Power

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